Citing two books on each and every article that you are doing is not really a way to cite any thing... It appears that all your edits mention two books without sourcing a page or a chapter or any other information. Tbonepickensetc 01:35, 19 September 2008 (UTC)

How is it that this page is protected? You have effectively turned this site then into a personal blog... to edit material... to the parameter of your self published book. That book by Andrew Wallace... Network of European Technocrats is not notable, and any one with X amount of dollars can buy a I.S.B.N #, contact Lu Lu or another self publisher... and print any old nonsense and then attempt to fabricate a social movement... with themselves as leader. Your NET group is not notable.. It is 8 bloggers and an internet presence. Your NET website links are black listed on Wikipedia as spam links, and also on many other sites.
You are in a conflict of interest as the NET director here claiming notability for your group and promoting... other brands of Technocracy of which you and your group claim, in an attempt for notability. You have made multiple misleading and incorrect edits. You show no desire to work with any one to benefit the information.
I understand that the creator of a wikia page is an automatic Admin. Since you have displayed a lack of cooperation and a lack of willingness to look at other perspectives than the ones presented by your book ... which is shamelessly promoted/spammed on another article... this really is an exercise in futility to try to improve information ... or feel a part of building something here ... that is neutral and objective and based on good information... and not your opinion. Tbonepickensetc 01:13, 20 September 2008 (UTC)
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