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The Monad... symbol of Technocracy Incorporated

The monad is the official symbol of Technocracy Incorporated. Its colors are vermilion (red) and the silver color found on the metal chromium, but a red and white version is acceptable for low-cost printing applications, or even black and white has been used, such as in the Technocracy Study Course on its second page.

The two parts of the monad represent balance; specifically, a balance between a nation's production and consumption. The term 'balance' used here may be loosely defined as general or economic equilibrium, but without the baggage of a traditional price system. The monad can also be viewed as a harmony between humanity (and or nature), and technology.

Technocracy's monad comes from a generic ancient symbol of balance, but is not related to any previous philosophies or belief systems.

The word monad comes from the Greek word μονάς (from the word μόνος, which means "one", "single", "unique") and has had many meanings in different contexts in philosophy, mathematics, computing and music.

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